• What is NeutraLeaf?

    NeutraLeaf is into production and selling of gummies and other health supplements under the parent company Venkatesh Naturals, founded in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh. Our wide range of products cover Immune Forte Gummies, Multivitamin Gummies, Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, and Probiotic Gummies. Our next set of products shall be focusing on health powders and other supplements.

  • How is NeutraLeaf Different From Others?

    NeutraLeaf  Gummies and health supplements are different from others because of the safe and potent ingredients used in the manufacturing. Our team of health experts has designed an efficient, safe, hygienic, and effective manufacturing process that involves natural ingredients, with no toxins. This is the reason how regular usage of our health products, as per the dosage makes a great difference in your lives. Our range of products focus on fulfilling the lost nourishment and nutrition.

  • How NeutraLeaf Contributes Towards Society?

    We are associated with ReCircle, an initiative focusing on Recycling, Reusing, and Repurposing. To know more, read about our social responsibility here- ___________

    So, worry not! You have trusted a responsible brand!

  • What is The USP of NeutraLeaf?

    NeutraLeaf aimed to make a difference in the ailing world. For that, we decided to come up with gummies! A, these gummies would not stress taste buds like pills and medicines for nourishment and nutrition do. And B, the potent ingredients shall offer tons of benefits for energetic, healthy, and happy life. Also, our products are safe, have no toxins, and are vegan friendly. With Non GMO formula, free from Gelatin and Gluten, and away from artificial colours and flavours, our products are secure to use.

  • Can We Consume NeutraLeaf Gummies Everyday?

    NeutraLeaf Gummies can be taken everyday. Some of the gummies can be taken with each other too. But having more than two gummies might not be advisable. So, it is advised to read the ratio or dosage details before consumption.

    Still, the last decision should be with your dietician, practitioner, doctor, or your well-being expert. It is because he/she knows your body weight, your body's tendency, and your requirement of nourishment.

  • When Can We Have NeutraLeaf Gummies?

    It is highly recommended to have gummies after having your meal only. It gives better absorption of the nutrients present in the gummies. Also, as per the recommendation of your dietician, practitioner, doctor, or your well-being expert, you may take our gummies as per the suggested dosage and time.

  • What are the Possible Side Effects?

    There is only one possibility- that is health and healing! Our products offer no side effects as premium quality ingredients are used in the making process, and that too under the guidance and close monitoring of our skilled health experts and technicians.

  • Is NeutraLeaf Safe?

    Yes absolutely! Our range of products is safe and sound. The Gummies are prepared with cleanliness, under hygienic conditions. Our gummies and products are Non G.M.O,have no Gluten and Gelatin, and are free from all sorts of artificial flavours and toxins. These are Natural and Impactful.

  • What Makes NeutraLeaf Gummies Vegan?

    NeutraLeaf provides benefits to the Vegans. We do not include Gelatin or other animal derived ingredients. Instead, Pectin is used. It is derived from the fruit peels. Also, our products aren't tested on animals. We are highly against Animal Cruelty!

  • What are Shipping Charges?

    NeutraLeaf charges 50 rupees (INR) as Shipping Charges.

  • How Can I Contact NeutraLeaf?

    You can write to us at customercare@neutraleafindia.com.

  • Where Can I Buy NeutraLeaf Gummies and Other Products?

    NeutraLeaf Gummies and other products are sold at our website. Also, you can find our products at Amazon.

  • How Can I Make Payment?

    We accept Debit Cards, Credit Cards, UPI methods, and E-Wallets. So, your payment is going to be hassle-free. Worry not!

  • What if My Payment is Stuck?

    Don't panic at all. Sometimes due to maintenance or other technical errors, payments at the gateways are stuck. If it is from the bank's side, please contact them or patiently wait. Else, you may contact us on customercare@neutraleafindia.com. We shall figure out the best for you.

  • How Can We Become a Part of NeutraLeaf Business?

    We accept orders from sellers and resellers too. We aren't merely targeting customers directly but we are open to sell bulk orders to wholesalers too. So, you can definitely become a part of us. Write to us on customercare@neutraleafindia.com and join the NuetraLeaf Family.