Moringa Makhana:

Ingredients you need: 

Makhana – 200 grams 

Chat masala – 2tbsp 

Moringa powder – 2tbsp 

Achari seasoning / peri peri seasoning – 1 ½ tbsp 

Butter – 2 tbsp 

Method – 

Melt butter in a pan. 

Roast makhana in the same pan with the melted butter for 5-7 mins.

Put moringa powder, chat masala, and achari seasoning/ peri peri seasoning and toss.

Beetroot Oats Bar:

Here’s a guide to make Beetroot oats bar! 


Rolled roasted oats – 180 grams

Granola – 100 grams 

Dry fruits mixture – 60 grams (almond, cashew and walnut)

Beetroot powder – 2tbsp 

Honey – 3 tbsp

Milk (required for binding)

Method – 

Mix rolled oats, granola, and dry fruits mixture together

Put 2 tbsp beetroot powder to the dry mixture. 

Add honey and milk 

Combine all ingredients together 

Put the mixture in the baking tray and make a rectangle.

Bake the bars for 12 mins at 180 degrees Celsius. 

Cut and serve

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Ashwagandha Spinach Apple Smoothie:

Your Green Smoothie is even healthier now with that added Nutrition of Ashwagandha! 


Spinach – 50 grams  

Apple – 8 slices  

Mint leaves – (10-15 mint leaves) 

Lemon – 1tsp 

 Black pepper – ½ tsp 

Ashwagandha powder – 1tbsp 

Ice cubes – (3-4 ice cubes) 

Water – 75ml   


Take 50 grams of chopped spinach and put it in the blender.  

Chop 8 slices of apple and put it in the blender.  

Put mint leaves, lemon, black pepper and ashwagandha inside the blender. 

 Put ice cubes and water in the blender.  

Grind all the ingredients together and enjoy.

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Iced chocolate coffee :

1. Iced Chocolate Coffee
100 ml milk
50 ml water
1 tbsp coffee powder
2 scoops MCT oil powder Ice
Iced chocolate coffee recipe-

Step 1 : mix 2 scoops of chocolate MCT oil powder to 100 ml of warm milk. Mix it properly and keep it aside
Step 2 : take 1 tbsp of coffee powder and add 50 ml of water to it. Mix it well
Step 3 : take a glass, fill it with ice and then pour the coffee shot already prepared.
Step 4 : To the above glass pour the milk. Stir and enjoy
* you can add sugar according to your taste.